Kim Kardashian and Other Celebrities With and Without Their Extensions


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The only thing in Hollywood faker than the boobs is the hair. My hair stylist told me once that virtually everyone in the entertainment biz with long hair has extensions, because normal hair grown to that length always looks dry and unhealthy at the ends. Interesting.
Check out these celebs who were photographed with and sans weaves.
Kim Kardashian with extensions… (above) and without:
kim in wig
Miley Cyrus with super-obvious extensions:
And Miley without:
Christina Aguilera with a wig:
And au naturel:
Beyonce with a lace-front wig:
And with her natural hair (LOL at that guy)
Tyra Banks with weave:
And famously on her TV without it:
Paris Hilton naturally has a short haircut! She has extensions most of the time.
Lindsay Lohan with her loooong extensions:
Alicia Keys with her natural hair:
And with a lace-front wig:
Kate Gosselin before:
And post-Jon extensions:
Jessica Simpson with her own brand of extensions in:
and with natural locks:
Britney Spears with her natural hair (it’s grown out since the head shaving incident heard round the world):
She looks nice as a brunette!
Solange Knowles recently chopped off all her hair!
Whose hair looks best with extensions? Do you ever wear extensions or weaves, Lovelies?

I’m talking Hair Biz to you baby!! A sneak peek of Angela Simmons new hair extension line!


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FROM: BossChicks Staff on June 7, 2012 at 2:30pm

angela simmons indiqueI’m talking hair biz to you baby! Hair extensions are a luxury! We’ve come a long way from that dollar pack of kanekalon. The kind that wouldn’t curl unless we dipped our head in pot of hot boiling water! That was then, this is now: Gorgeous, exotic virgin hair extensions that offer versatility and durability. As long as they keep making it.. we keep buying it.

But here’s what smart chicks know… this is a multi-billion dollar industry! For years we have given our money to the local beauty supply stores which were so conveniently (and strategically) located in all the right neighborhoods. Someone had to smarten up and say listen, We are the consumer. We are the brown face on the packaging. It’s time we become the owners and distributors of our own hair extension lines:
GlobalGrind caught up with Angela Simmons behind the scenes while she was shooting the ads for her new extension collaboration.

The Pastry princess revealed the name of the extensions she created and also revealed the secret behind what gets her pumped for photo shoots.

As a longtime committee to the versatility of hair extensions, Angela decided to turn her love for hair weaves in to a grind. The Pastry co-founder announced via Twitter that she was going to be teaming up with hair extension mega brand Indique Hair to give girls a chance to rock luscious tresses the Angela Simmons way.

Check out the exclusive interview with Angela below. Angela’s line of hair with Indique drops on the first day of summer, June 21st!

Why Do Women Wear Hair Extensions?


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Interesting subject. What do you think?

From: ArTIAstry Makeup

Why do women wear hair extensions (i.e, weaves, tracks)?
This question has been asked many times before by both men and women (predominately men).  As a woman who “chooses” to wear hair extensions a few times out of the year, I felt the need to address those with inquiring minds and to downplay the stereotypes especially as it relates to women of color. Maintaining and caring for hair extensions takes work so all of the talk about women being “lazy” is a little far fetched.  Don’t get me wrong there may be some who choose to just get up and go however the average woman wants to look decent from head to toe before heading out into public especially when it comes to our hair. Some of our favorite celebrites wear hair extensions yet, we still love them!

A few of my past hairstyles that included hair extensions.
Ok so back to the question at hand “Why Do Women Wear Hair Extensions?”
I reached out to Yannize Joshua, Marketing Assistant for Indique Hair for a more in depth answer to this question:
“Hair is as much as a statement piece as a bag, shoe, or any other accessory. With that being said, women, if they are going to invest in hair extensions, should do just that: INVEST. Find an amazing stylist and use premium hair that you can reuse multiplie installs that will stand the test of time over and over again. Do your research and invest in yourself; don’t be afraid to splurge on YOU.

With that being said, hair extensions are supposed to enhance who you already are, and not be a crutch to be someone that you are not. As long as you have a secure sense of self, you will be an amazing, gorgeous woman with a bald head or 24 inches of waves flowing down your back.”

Thanks Yannize!
Personally, I don’t have a lot of time during the week to do my own hair because I’m BUSY!  To have to get up every morning to flat iron or curl my hair is simply out of the question not to mention the excess amount of heat which can lead to damaged hair. I like diversity, so I tend to switch up quite often one day it may be straight, the next day it may be curly, long or short.  Some women with natural hair may choose to wear hair extensions because it is a protective maintenance style. A friend of mine says she wears “weaves” because it helps her to maintain her hairstyle after working out at the gym which would have otherwise ruined her natural hair.  Some women don’t always have time to sit in the hair salon for 3-7 hours for a hairstyle that will last 2-3 days, after that then what?  While wearing hair extensions I visit the salon weekly or bi-weekly for a wash, condition and style and get it tightened every 4-6 weeks as needed until I’m ready to have it removed.  I’ve been able to maintain my hair extensions for up to 3 months in the past. Wrap it up at night, unwrap it in the morning, scrunch it with some curl serum if you’re donning curly hair, tease, spray and go.  Wear a sain scarf, bonnett or sleep on a satin pillow case.  Get up & go beauty!
More reasons why women wear hair extensions:
  • Protective maintenance style
  • Working out
  • Hair loss
  • Busy schedule
  • Diversity
  • Natural hair transition
  • Giving hair a break from chemicals, heat, etc.
Last but not least women wear hair extensions because we CHOOSE to and we have that right! If you don’t like it, that’s cool you’re entitled to your opinion but don’t bash those who do.
Peace, Love & Lipgloss,

Celebrities Launch Hair Extension Line


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Why not launch your own?

From Clutch Mag Online

Can We Take Back The Weave Industry? Elise Neal Launches Hair Extension Line

August 31, 2012 by

Weave is a billion dollar industry. Though black women make up most of the clientele, they aren’t as prevalent on the other side of the counter. That seems to be changing in recent years thanks to the success of several black-owned hair extension companies, some of which are recruiting celebrity spokeswomen to help promote their business.

Angela Simmons recently launched “Bikini” wavy extensions with Indique Hair, founded by Ericka Dotson. Elise Neal will debut a line of extensions dubbed “Hollywood Belle” in October with California Lace Wigs and Weaves, founded by Annette Jones. Of her collection, which coincides with the premiere of her upcoming sitcom entitled “Belles” on TV One, Neal said:

When I was approached by California Lace Wigs and Weaves – that is the company that is doing my line – I was like “hell yeah!” I was ecstatic to team up with them! When they asked me what I wanted my first product to be, it was a no-brainer. I wanted to do a line of weave hair products that women would be excited to rock. I’m into hair trends, so I thought about what’s big now, and it’s the Ombre look, so that is my first line and I’m very very excited about it.

Hopefully, celebrity spokesbeauties will help these companies build a bigger presence in the hair industry and encourage women of color to support quality black-owned hair extension companies.