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In our most recent post we discussed 5 branding tips for the aspiring entrepreneur. Let’s move to the next step with branding for your hair extension business which is one of crucial ways to make a first impression on your customer. When your customer receives their bundles in the mail and it looks like it’s just thrown together, it’s not a good look. You want to create that WOW factor and when the customer opens the packaging, you want them thinking this is really nice which will make them even more excited to see whey purchased inside.

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Quality before Quantity

Bundles aren’t cheap and the expectation of customers that spends $1000 on bundles is that they are expecting world class customer service, their order to be right, and bundles that are good quality. If you have a repeat customer that spends a lot of money with you, you should be providing world-class customer service and you want everything professional and luxurious. Hair extension business owners that put custom tags on their bundles, have customized hair bags, and provide great service, are getting the referrals and the continuous repeat customers.

Sometimes simple is GOOD

When you are putting your logo/branding on your packagging, keep in mind the colors. If you are wanting silver bags, but you have silver in your logo, it may not be a good fit. You want your brand/logo to stand out on the packaging.

Put a business card in your packaging. Have the name of your company, your name as the founder, an email and phone number where they can reach you, your website, and one of your companies’ taglines.

Stick a coupon in the packaging for 25% off their next purchase if they sign-up to be on your email list or if they refer a customer.

Packaging shows you care

Each customer should be treated like VIP and get a seamless world-class experience with your hair extensions.

Along with providing them with quality bundles, really take some time and sit back and think of how you can create that experience. The packaging is a great start to branding for your business so you need to always look your best and be your best!

How packaging works

Most hair extension business owners wonder how many bags and tags to start with. 50-100 bags and 150-200 tags are a good amount to start with when ordering your packaging. Keep in mind the lead-time that it is going to take to receive the packaging so all of that needs to be thought out before you do any presells or make any sales.

Before you place an order for your packaging, be sure to get a mock-up to make sure that it’s exactly what you want and how you want it to look. I have ran into too many hair extension business owners that ordered their packaging without even looking at a proof or receiving a mock-up.


Create the world-class experience for your customer and they’ll be back!



Written By: Jasmine Monk