Hair Extension Packing and why it’s important for your Brand


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In our most recent post we discussed 5 branding tips for the aspiring entrepreneur. Let’s move to the next step with branding for your hair extension business which is one of crucial ways to make a first impression on your customer. When your customer receives their bundles in the mail and it looks like it’s just thrown together, it’s not a good look. You want to create that WOW factor and when the customer opens the packaging, you want them thinking this is really nice which will make them even more excited to see whey purchased inside.

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Quality before Quantity

Bundles aren’t cheap and the expectation of customers that spends $1000 on bundles is that they are expecting world class customer service, their order to be right, and bundles that are good quality. If you have a repeat customer that spends a lot of money with you, you should be providing world-class customer service and you want everything professional and luxurious. Hair extension business owners that put custom tags on their bundles, have customized hair bags, and provide great service, are getting the referrals and the continuous repeat customers.

Sometimes simple is GOOD

When you are putting your logo/branding on your packagging, keep in mind the colors. If you are wanting silver bags, but you have silver in your logo, it may not be a good fit. You want your brand/logo to stand out on the packaging.

Put a business card in your packaging. Have the name of your company, your name as the founder, an email and phone number where they can reach you, your website, and one of your companies’ taglines.

Stick a coupon in the packaging for 25% off their next purchase if they sign-up to be on your email list or if they refer a customer.

Packaging shows you care

Each customer should be treated like VIP and get a seamless world-class experience with your hair extensions.

Along with providing them with quality bundles, really take some time and sit back and think of how you can create that experience. The packaging is a great start to branding for your business so you need to always look your best and be your best!

How packaging works

Most hair extension business owners wonder how many bags and tags to start with. 50-100 bags and 150-200 tags are a good amount to start with when ordering your packaging. Keep in mind the lead-time that it is going to take to receive the packaging so all of that needs to be thought out before you do any presells or make any sales.

Before you place an order for your packaging, be sure to get a mock-up to make sure that it’s exactly what you want and how you want it to look. I have ran into too many hair extension business owners that ordered their packaging without even looking at a proof or receiving a mock-up.


Create the world-class experience for your customer and they’ll be back!



Written By: Jasmine Monk

5 Branding tips for the aspiring HAIRpreneur


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Branding is so important for any Business. Once you create a foundation, branding is key to make a name for yourself and your business.

brand is more than the name or visual element used to represent your company. It is the emotional and psychological associations that a person makes with your business, product or service”.

It’s tough out here in the online business world therefore you have to distinguish yourself from the next HAIRpreneur and be unique. One of the first things I tell people are to come up with a name that stands out. Doesn’t necessarily have to have meaning, but it needs to pop. Practice saying that name, write it down, and visualize it.


Have a simple and professional website

Believe it or not, websites are necessary for any business. Why? Because a website is the 1st impression that people see of your business. Your prospective customer may go on your site and browse around to see if they like what they see. If you don’t have a website and are still making sales, hats off to you! Consider a website a informational page for your prospective customer that can learn about you, your business, and the products/services that you offer.

Engage on social media and network/collaborate

I can’t belabor this point enough, use social to your advantage! It is evolved so much over the years and there are so many capabilities that can be used, especially in our industry. I encourage you to follow other companies in the industry and see what they’re doing that you’re not. Look to potentially collaborate with some of these companies. Eg. If you only sale hair extensions and you find a lash company – collaborate with them! They can offer lashes and lash installs while you sell hair extensions, etc. Don’t think of other HAIRpreneurs as competition, but instead as resources.

Have professional pictures and add your logo

Professional pictures are so important when you have products in your business. I literally have seen it all. When I’m scrolling on my Instagram page, and I see some extensions and the couch is the background, I’m immediately turned off. Take some pride in your craft and create or buy a background to take your pictures on/in front of. I will also say that if your phone doesn’t take good camera pictures, use a friends phone or hire a photographer. Being professional is key and rachet photos won’t get you far. Once you have your pictures taken and upload them to your computer, add your logo to it! This is part of branding. And you don’t want anyone to steal your picture! (Trust me, people do it all of the time!)

Know your customer

There have been HAIRpreneurs in The Beauty Parlor that tell me that aren’t getting any sales. One of the first questions I ask them is are you marketing to the right audience? And then I ask, “Who is your target audience”? You’d be surprise how many people have no idea! When finding your target audience, this is the group of people that you think are attracted to the product/service that you’re selling. So to start, look at your products and think long and hard of who would buy that product. You can get super detailed such as how much financially does your audience bring in, what career are they in, their age, profession, etc. Study your sales and who buys them. Have a survey when people purchase their hair on your site and start to look at your data and statistics.

Have quality product

Cheap isn’t always better and it isn’t always greener on the other side. Some people try to cheat their customers or con them into buying cheap hair and that’s not right. If you want to position yourself as an expert and an influencer in the hair/beauty industry, that’s not the way to go. When you are choosing your vendors, be very aware of who you’re purchasing from and what type of products they sell. Is it cheap? Is it expensive? You also have to look at who your clientele is. Let’s look at Walmart: Walmart is a one-stop shop with low prices. Everything in Walmart isn’t quality, but that wasn’t their goal. Their goal was to provide household items at an affordable price for people. Now let’s look at Target: If you any of you have shopped at Target, you know that they are a competitor to Walmart, but they don’t care. You will find the prices in Target are higher but they sell the exact same products! Their goal was to have a more luxurious clientele that is interested in their products, and sure enough people will buy. (I shop at Target for myself sometimes!).


All in all, these branding tips will help you stand out from the rest. If you have already taken the steps to brand yourself, congrats! If you need a little extra help contact us at The Beauty Parlor!

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To your Success!

Jasmine Adams-Monk

Project Manager at Mane Elementz

3 tips on how to start your hair extension business with little to no money


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It’s finally 2019!

And usually at the beginning of the year people make resolutions and set goals for things they want to accomplish. One of the many goals people like to set is to finally start their business. But I find that one thing that holds people back from starting their hair extension business is the lack of funds! You don’t have to worry about that any more. Here are 3 tips on how to start your hair extension business with little to no money!

  1. Join an affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is when you promote other people’s products and earn a commission if people end up buying from you through your marketing tactics. Each sale that you make, you get profit – it could be 15% or even as high as 30%. These types of programs can be great because there is not a set-up fee and you make money based off the amount of work you put in. Don’t you want to make money in your sleep? Then consider joining an affiliate program!

  1. Drop ship

You may have heard of this term before and you’re wondering how this can help you make money. Drop shipping is when you work with a company who will ship your products to your customer directly. So, you don’t have to buy any inventory or worry about any shipping. They do it all for you! This is another prime way to make money while you sleep – better known as PASSIVE INCOME. All you have to do on your part is choose a drop shipping company and create a website for customers to buyt from. That’s it!

  1. DIY – Do It Yourself

Yes this term is very common and can be misconstrued. But in actuality, DIY can actually help you grow and develop with the skills you need instead of paying an expert to do it for you. You can find a vendor, create your website and create your packaging all on your own. Not only do you save money, but you learn how to setup your business on your own!

If you are looking to start your hair extension business and need some guidance, we’ve got you covered. Join us over at The Beauty Parlor, where we provide step by step training to setup your hair extension business including LIVE support so we can answer your questions and two monthly coaching sessions with our group of hairpreneurs! You also get access to vendors, training and advice you need to run a successful business!

Become a Mane Boss in The Beauty Parlor today to get the support you need to start your hair extension business. I’m all about spreading knowledge and helping you to get to the next level.

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Welcome to The HAIRpreneur!


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Welcome to The Hairpreneur! We are the voice of hairpreneurship!

The Hairpreneur brings education and empowerment to hairpreneurship while helping readers  learn more about the hair and beauty industry.

We strive to keep you informed on hairpreneurship, everything about beauty, starting your hair extension business, growing your hair extension business and everything in between!

This is Tamara, owner over at Mane Elementz and myself and my team will be sharing advice to help you in your entrepreneurial journey.

We look forward to sharing this information with you!


Tamara & Team ME

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The Official Guide to Starting a Hair Extension Business


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start a hair extension business online

The day is finally here. The Official Guide to Starting a Hair Business Online was released yesterday, September 11, 2013.  This guide is for people looking to start hair extension businesses but have no clue where to start.

What you will get in this guide:

• Research done for you already
• for “hair enthusiasts”, Stylists, Students, Entrepreneurs
• Word-for-word social media messages you can use
• Saves you hours of research
•  Hair distributor and packaging information
• Links available for wholesalers and distributors
• BONUS links to reputable marketing and branding companies for your company


Finally there is a guide to help those looking to start hair businesses available NOW! Get your copy today!

31 Ways To Promote Your Hair and Beauty Business Online

31 Ways To Promote Your Hair and Beauty Business Online by Nick Bowditch on October 11, 2011

31 Ways To Promote Your Hair and Beauty Business Online

Hair and Beauty isn’t like every other business in the retail sector.

If you are in this industry your customers are, for the most part, coming to you to indulge themselves and spend money on something they see as a luxury that they have to fit in to their weekly or monthly budget.

Hair and beauty businesses also tend to have a lot of overheads and running costs, so marketing can be pushed down the list of stuff to do until it’s possibly too late.

But marketing and promoting a hair and beauty business doesn’t need to cost a bomb and in this list of the 31 ways to promote your business, I want to show you what I would do in the online and social marketing space if I owned a hair and beauty business.

1. Start a blog.

This is a great way to personalise your brand on the one hand, but also get your some great Google love on the other. Google loves dynamic content and, more importantly, so do the punters! Make sure your website changes regularly and provides up to date content as well as giving the readers some idea of who is behind the brand and the business. A blog does this so well.

2. Create a second  blog.

I would then create a second blog and also create a persona to be the author of it. The persona would be a pseudo staff member at the store like Little Vivo Lady from Vivo Cafe and Lily Stemms from Tynte Flowers. Being able to hide behind anonymity can provide a great opportunity to be a bit irreverent, a bit naughty and make the readers laugh and be interested in what’s going on in the store.

3. Create a Facebook Page.

It seems like a no-brainer these days but I mean create a Facebook Page that actually works! Work hard to get enough fans to get your custom web address for the page and then update, update, update! Build a committed and interested fan base on Facebook and you will keep those fans forever.

4. Create an engaging and effective landing tab on the Facebook Page.

When a punter comes to your page for the first time, make sure two things happen. Firstly, make sure they click on ‘Like’. This can be done using a ‘fan gate’ where they don’t see some of the content unless they become a fan first. This works well to provide an air of exclusivity as well as growing the numbers of likers on the page. Secondly, make sure they are engaged! There is no point simply getting a whole big number of likers if they are not engaged with your marketing on Facebook and therefore not spending money with you!

5. Make the Facebook Page look great.

While Facebook restricts the look and feel of all the Facebook Pages to some degree (thank God), there are still a few little things you can do to make your page not only look great to the user, but also look a bit different.

Firstly, the image you can have in the top left hand corner of the page can be up to 200 pixels wide and 600 pixels high. The majority of pages still have an image that is only 200 pixels wide by 150 pixels high. A taller, more dramatic image really makes the page pop in the readers’ eye and also frames the rest of the content on the page really nicely.

Secondly, make some smart use of the filmstrip of 5 images across the top of the page. Make sure all of them are optimised and sized correctly to look great and deliver some branding message too.

Thirdly, think about rotating that 200 x 600 image in the top left hand corner of the page to promote a new product or service, or an upcoming event, or even offer it to one of your key suppliers to promote one of their new products on it (to your likers) – for a price of course!

6. Do something great with the Photos tab on the Facebook Page.

The photos tab on most business’ Facebook Page is terribly under-utilised. This is despite the fact that more than 2 million photos are shared on the Facebook platform each month – what an opportunity lost! Make sure the actual tab and the photo albums are all neatly organised, labelled (with attention given to what people might be searching for) and not including any images that might detract from your branding or overall marketing effort.

7. Use the photos to introduce your staff.

I would have a photo on the Facebook Page of every current (and past if they are still OK with it) staff members with a full description of what sort of work they do or specialise in, what sort of work they enjoy doing, something about what they enjoy doing away from the business, where they have worked before and so on. All of this content is really searchable and engaging for people who might be shopping around to find a new stylist.

Think about getting some professional photography done for this so that every photo is uniform in look (black and white can look really classy too like on PRDnationwide Newcastle and Lake Macquarie’s Facebook Page). Either that, or do something quirky like using photos of the staff members when they were babies or even running a competition where people have to match up the baby photos with the staff members photos now.

8. Before and after photos.

I would include LOTS of before and after photos of your work on the Facebook Page whether it be hair or make up or cosmetic treatments. This can be such an engaging and powerful tool to promote the quality of your work but also to convince people who are thinking about getting a similar treatment or style that it will look great on them.

9. Show off your digs.

Does your salon look amazing? Does it create a really great user experience that people would only know if they actually came in to the store? Then take some photos and upload them to the Facebook Page too. They can present an extra dimension to your business that might be the deciding factor on whether someone is going to switch salons and become your client or not. This works particularly well if you have some equipment or perform some techniques that most salons in your area don’t.

10. Include photos of your products on the Facebook Page.

Lastly on photos, why not upload photos of all of your products – or at least the ones that you make the greatest margin on. Again you can also include comments and full descriptions of the products, their prices and so on, maybe even a special offer if the customer quotes a special code that is only found in the description of that product on your Facebook Page. Make sure you get some quality images of the products from the suppliers who should be more than happy to help you promote their range online. The best part about that is when you can encourage users to talk about or simply ‘like’ the product’s image on your Facebook Page, you know they are a pre-qualified fan of that product the next time they come in to the salon.

11. Feature events related either directly or indirectly to your business on your Facebook Page.

Facebook Events is another really under-used tool on the platform. The great thing about them is that they can become very interactive and very well promoted even before they are even talked about offline. You can use a tall 200 x 600 image for your event as above and also let the punters RSVP to the event, add their own photos or videos to the event (either before, during or after it) and of course comment on and ‘like’ the event as well. All of this appears in their own news feed also which can in turn be commented on and spread around even further – let the punters market your events for you!

12. Create a Facebook Event where existing customers bring their partner in.

This can be a great way to in effect double your customer base. If you have a woman who is a fan of your business – and a ‘liker’ on your Facebook Page – she can bring her partner or husband in on a particular day or at a particular time for a special offer or discounted style or treatment. Then it’s up to you of course to do a great job and make sure he comes back of his own volition in the future!

13. Create a Facebook Event for when your new stylist is starting in the salon.

A new stylist or technician in a hair and beauty business can be a really big deal. Particularly if the new staff member is likely to bring a whole new database of customers through the door! So build some momentum and anticipation of the day they are starting work by creating an event on your Facebook Page. This can also act as a great way to let that stylist’s current client list know that they are moving.

14. Include a shopping cart on your Facebook Page.

You can also include a shopping cart on the Facebook Page to sell not only appointments and your services but also your products or the products of your suppliers. Again, make sure you get the best product shots from your suppliers for this. We can even embed your website (including your shopping cart) right there on your Facebook Page to create a seamless buying experience within your own branding.

15. Run a Facebook Only Promotion.

You should run a promotion that is featured only on Facebook and only available to enter if you are a fan of the Facebook Page. Remember these have to be done within Facebook’s Terms and Conditions which can be a bit tricky too. The competition could revolve around a free makeover of some sort and to an agreed value. The fans have to upload either a photo or video of themselves for example with a short sentence as to why they think they should win the makeover or something like that. Could be some interesting entries…

16. Run some Facebook Ads.

I’ve banged on a lot about Facebook Ads on this blog and I would definitely be running some if I was in the hair and beauty industry. They are great for local marketing and great for targeting new business as well as existing fans. You can target users by their age, location, relationship status, things they like, things they are interested in, music they like or whatever. This will give you a very accurate snapshot of who you are targeting and who might be interested in your brand and special offers on Facebook and so on.

17. Write an e-book.

I know that might sound a bit daunting but it doesn’t have to be a massive hard copy epic or anything like that. I would write an e-book – probably around 15 to 20 pages only – and titled something like, “How to get the most out of your new hairdo” (or something much more creative) and then give the e-book away as a free download in exchange for someone ‘liking’ the Facebook Page or signing up to your database. It’s also a great way for you to establish your credibility and expertise in your market.

18. Get yourself on Twitter.

You will be surprised how many of your existing customers will already be using Twitter and will be more than happy to spread your word around for you if they are. Twitter is also a great way to get new business AND establish your credibility and expertise in the hair and beauty industry. You can create a following that is really loyal to your brand and your ideas on Twitter.

19. Run time-sensitive offers for your Twitter followers.

You can then reward that following with special ‘Twitter-only’ offers that are only available for a certain amount of time AFTER they appear in your Twitter feed. For instance, “TWITTER ONLY SPECIAL: Receive a free treatment with any style booked in today. Only available for next 60 minutes. Must quote code FRTRT11″ … or something.

20. Run a Twitter Re-Tweet Promotion.

Each short message you put out on Twitter is called a ‘tweet’. Your following can then ‘re-tweet’ your message out to their following which can be a great example of your fans doing your marketing for you. Every time one of your following does that, you can know about it and track it. I would run a promotion where you reward your following for re-tweeting your messages by giving them one entry in the competition.

21. Create an alternate Twitter Account.

Back in number 2, I mentioned creating a blog for a pseudo staff member. This is along the same lines. That same persona could have their own Twitter account and say things that are a little unconventional in comparison to the rest of your marketing. You might even find that this account has a greater following than your more corporate one!

22. Build a free YouTube channel.

A YouTube channel for your business is free. It is basically a page within the giant YouTube platform where all of the videos that you upload are featured and listed in an organised way. You can also have comments, updates and subscriptions to your channel which is an often under-utilised marketing device as well. Remember to brand and customise your channel with your own colours and logos too.

23. Create new styling or technique videos.

Now to think about what sort of content you want to include in your videos. I would definitely do some videos that focus on new techniques or new styles that your salon could specialise in or that your stylists are particularly good at or well known for. If you can feature some ‘before and after’ about them, that would also work really well.

24. Introduce new and existing staff members in videos.

Video is a great way to introduce your salon but also to introduce individual staff members to the community as well. Whether they are existing staff or when new staff members come into the business, video is a great tool to showcase them and their particular specialties or skills.

25. Create a really engaging About Us video.

Nothing tells a story like that story being told in video. Forget the boring old text ‘About Us’ page on your website – create an About Us video that lets you tell the story of your business, where it’s come from, who’s involved in the business, what the premises look like and so on. When you optimise and tag this video really well you also get the added bonus of some serious Google love as well.

26. Answer your FAQs in videos.

One of the biggest reservations that salon owners have when I tell them they have to create some online video is that they have nothing to make videos about. I couldn’t disagree more. Every time the phone rings and someone asks a question, every time that someone asks you in a social situation what you or your salon do, they are videos! Instead of having boring old text pages of your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), create a series of short but well optimised and tagged videos answering them for your online community.

27. Create a weekly ‘expert’ video for others in the hair and beauty industry.

Video also allows you to position yourself really well as an expert in your field. There’s something about video that just lends great credibility to your story. I would take advantage of that by producing some videos specifically for other businesses in the hair and beauty industry, not necessarily for clients. This lets you show off what you do really well, what you specialise in and what you want to be known for. It might also help in recruiting other great stylists from other salons into your business.

28. Place QR codes in decals on your shopfront.

Quick Response or QR Codes act as that elusive bridge between the offline marketing and online marketing of your business. They are 2-D barcodes essentially. But when they are scanned with a smartphone the scanner is then directed to whatever website or online presence you want to send them to. This can be a website, a Facebook Page, it can populate an automatic email or SMS being sent and so on. I would direct them to a video on YouTube because this is guaranteed to look uniform and great on almost any smartphone – some websites and even Facebook Pages don’t look very good on smartphones so you don’t want to do all the hard work of getting people to scan and be engaged only to send them somewhere that doesn’t work on their mobile!

The decals on the shopfront can encourage people to have a look at and follow your different social media channels as well as go to a video detailing your salon opening hours (if it appears on your door when the salon is closed) and even on each work station’s mirror in the salon that can engage people while they are having their hair done and so on.

29. Print QR codes on DL flyers.

I would also use a QR code on a DL flyer or other offline hard copy promotional material. These can be left instore or given out in the local area by promotional staff you can hire for the day or by your own salon staff to drum up new business.

They can also be an entry into a competition or giveaway promotion of some sort to get new business through your door.

30. Record a podcast.

Podcasts are just audio recordings that you can host either on your own website or Facebook Page or on iTunes so that people everywhere can download them and listen to them. These are a great way to again establish your credibility and expertise in your market and can be aimed completely at other people in your industry for the same reasons as in point 27 above. Another way to use these is to interview industry people or even just your regular clientele and record it for others to listen to.

31. Host a webinar.

Like a seminar only online and without having to hire a venue and pay for nibblies! Webinars are a great way for you to show the rest of the industry, your local market AND potential new business that you know what you are doing and have some pretty specific expertise to impart. This can also be a great way to establish an alternate revenue stream as you can sell tickets to your webinars also.

Start your own hair extension business and get specific training on how to use all of these tools. Click HERE for more info.

How She Did It: Kimberly Tells How She Left Her Corporate Job To Turn Her Side Hustle Into A Full-Time Dream


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What’s Her Name? Kimberly Boyd

What’s Her Company? Luxe Couture ExtensionsA luxury hair brand aiming to provide fabulous woman with gorgeous yet economically-friendly priced hair. We specialize in the retail of 100% virgin Remy human hairs imported from India, Eurasia, and Peru. Bringing you the worlds’ most highly sought after hair types; worn by top models and celebrities, at a price you’ll love without sacrificing quality. Get top of the line hair extensions for less. It’s a little something we refer to as affordable luxury.

How Much She Started With: $1,200

How She Got Started: I have always been a business minded person. I started in the corporate world, working my way up the corporate ladder when I was 19 years old. Although I learned so much, what I learned most was, I wanted to be my own boss! But unfortunately, times were hard for my mother, two sisters, and me. Financially we went through a very hard time, and although I was working for one of the nations largest mortgage companies, I along with my older sister were trying to keep our family afloat. I watched my mom, struggle at a miserable job everyday. It added to the frustration that I felt within my own job.

In 2007, my mother and I pondered with the idea of starting our own hair company and being our own bosses! My mother was a total Southern Diva, and having two sisters, hair extensions were no stranger in our household. But, unfortunately the options for quality hair in the Inland Empire of Southern California were so limited. We only had the Chinese owned beauty supplies selling Chinese hair. Not as fabulous! So there our business was born. Through much dedication in finding great vendors, it became a side hustle with visions of creating our hair empire.

Unfortunately, our dreams were cut short. In 2008, my mother died of stomach cancer. It was a huge blow to my life. Depressed, afraid, and everything in between the business stopped. I struggled through the worst time in my life. But God is good, and through His grace I realized the best thing I could do to honor my mother, was to press on! And that’s just what I did. With the help and support of my sisters, I turned our once side hustle, into a full-time dream come true!

Is This Her First Venture? Straight out of high school, my best friend and I tried to start a clothing company. We were 18 with big dreams! But unfortunately, doing business with friends does not always work out and that was the issue with us. We never got that business off the ground, but we’re happy to say we are still the best of friends to this day and that’s worth so much more.

When I went on to start Luxe Couture, it was a rocky start! I scouted local hair companies for months only to find the same throw away beauty supply store hair. When I did find local vendors that had quality Indian hair their pricing was just way too high. So I decided we needed to cut out the middle man. And that’s what we did. We sourced India, and were able to connect with some great vendors to start our company. Our first website was done by a friend for about $100. It was not an e-commerce site, however it most definitely got our name out there.

How She Got Her First Customer: Our first customer was a friend of the family. Friends have been a great asset to our business, as they’re the best advertisers and referrers which helped build our clientele.

People Would Be Surprised To Know That: I give personal guidance throughout and after the hair buying process. We are a boutique- style hair company, catering to customers and giving that personal attention is very important. My clients can email, Skype, Facebook chat, phone, even Tweet me for the ultimate experience in online hair buying. It’s a totally free hair consultation to ensure my clients get exactly what they want and are happy with their purchase. I have even sat on the phone while a client drove to the beauty supply store and helped her pick out hair products!

What’s Been the Most Difficult For Her: Finding good and consistent hair vendors has been a challenge. We are constantly looking for the hottest hair types, but finding the best quality isn’t easy.

A Typical Day in Her Life: Being an owner of a business is sometimes strenuous (and I currently co-own two!). So I believe the most important thing is to be organized! I always start my day off with a planning session, accounting for what I need to get accomplished that day. Microsoft Outlook is my best friend! My daily activities can fluctuate, but generally on a daily basis the rest of my day looks like this:

-Reading and responding to emails

-Preparing hair orders

-Inventory Control (updating spreadsheets, accounting for new shipments, and placing orders for product and supplies).

-Writing for the Luxe Couture Blog

-Social Media updates

-Meetings with my sisters/co-owners

If She Could Do One Thing Differently, She Would Do: Nothing. I most definitely have made a lot of mistakes, however they have been excellent learning experiences, and helped me become the business owner that I am today. Sometimes you learn the most while picking yourself up off the ground!

Her Favorite Quote? “How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something but to be someone”- Coco Chanel

Who Has Helped Her Most Along The Way: My family and close friends. Their support has been phenomenal. I can always count on them for their honest feedback. It’s important to have people in your life that don’t mind keeping it real with you and telling the truth!

What’s Next For Her? We are currently seeking to expand our business, making Luxe Couture Extensions available in hair boutiques and salons.

Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs: You absolutely do not need to be a hair stylist or have a lot of money in this business. You need to have dedication! I have never been a hair stylist nor did I have a lot of money, but I love hair and took the time to study the art of hair and hair extensions. I studied India and their culture and how it related to their practices for hair. I studied business in college and went to as many business seminars as I could. Sometimes the road of being a business owner is tough, but it’s my love for this business that makes it all worth while. If you have the desire and the motivation, God willing your dreams will come true.

For anyone wanting to own a business or that has a dream, be fearless! Making dreams come true is hard, but so is life. Before my mother passed, she told me “God will never put more on your plate than He knows you can handle.” I think of that every time I get overwhelmed or scared.  Learn to face everything with an open-heart and an open-mind. That coupled with your determination to succeed will not only get you far in business, it will get you far in life!

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Luxy Hair


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From: Viva Glam Magazine
By: RamonaMichelle

Mimi & Leyla
Mimi & Leyla

Get to know the Luxy Hair sisters

Have you ever had your hair ‘trimmed’ by a scissor-happy hairdresser? That was the case for me, when a simple one inch trim magically turned into 5 inches. All I could say was ‘Thank God for hair extensions!’. I had recently purchased clip-in hair extensions, and was looking for different ways to style my hair with them, so I went straight to YouTube to search for hair extension tutorials. I stumbled upon two sisters, Mimi and Leyla, on their channel, Luxy Hair. Before I knew it, a few hours had passed, and I was on a Luxy Hair video marathon. These two sisters have a tutorial on almost every hairstyle imaginable, and with their thorough instructions and down to earth personalities, it’s impossible not to get hooked on their videos. If that wasn’t enough, they even have their own clip-in extension hair line of 100% Remy human hair that you can style as if it were your own hair. Needless to say, these two sisters have found a tremendous amount of success within their hair extension business and their YouTube Channel, pulling in close to 400,000 subscribers (and growing)  and over 60 millions hits worldwide. Watching their videos makes you feel like you know them, even though they live in Toronto, Canada. Fortunately for us, they made a brief visit to Los Angeles California, and took time out of their trip to meet with the Viva Glam team for an interview and photoshoot. We instantly connected with their warm nature and positive energy. Katarina did an amazing job of dolling up their hair and make up, and did I mention that these sisters love to dance? They shimmied their way through the photoshoot, laughing and enjoying themselves. When they weren’t shooting, they were playing with Katarina’s rescued dog, Daisy, and that’s where I discovered their deep passion for animals, which was very moving. We had a blast spending time with these amazing women. If you want to get to know these sisters a little better, hear about their successfull hair company and catch a couple dance moves, check out our video.

Here are a few photos from our shoot, all shot by Deja Jordan

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Start your own hair extension business: BecomeAHairDistributor

How Shalita Heard Turned $20 Dollars into a Six-Figure Hair Extension Empire


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From: Beautifully Said

“Focus on whatever it is that you are passionate about!” – Shalita Heard’s advice for becoming an entrepreneur.

Shalita Heard is use to hard work, so much so that she disciplined herself to treat her love of doing hair into a home business as a teenager. You figure, this is an age where most of us are enthralled into boys and what we’re wearing to impress our peers.  Making great money from that experience, she pretty much knew what her calling was.  To look at her today, she is a businesswoman, speaker, consultant, and author. Shalita is the Chief Extension Officer (CEO) of her hair business empire, Iconique located in North Little Rock, AR. Like most stories, there are always bumps along the way in order to travel the smooth road.  Shalita’s story was that she had to grow up pretty fast when her mother relocated to Texas and she stayed behind in Arkansas at age 13.

“God spoke into my mind at a young age that my purpose was to change lives and empower minds and everything that has happened in my life has allowed me to be the vehicle to do just that!”

Shalita took what she learned from working in her mother’s salon and used those skills to start doing hair, which helped to pay the bills at fifteen when she shared an apartment with a cousin.  She became a teenage mother but did not let that stop her from finishing high school or continuing her education to hone her craft of being a hair stylist.  After her second son was born, and the father negating to share in the joys of parenthood, Shalita thought a move away from Arkansas would prove her good. Temporarily getting away from the hair industry, she moved to Texas and delved into the real estate business. There she excelled with numerous accolades and of course the money was great!

“Only what you do for Christ will last!”

In 2006, when the real estate market collapsed, Shalita was homeless with little money and two children who needed her to still be “Mommy.”  A woman always of faith, she had been attending T.D. Jakes church, The Potter’s House and was constantly seeking God on what to do next. Trusting in his word and the plan He had for her, she packed up her children into her old purple, Grand AM with no more than $20 and an act of obedience that something greater was in store.  Back in Arkansas, she began doing hair again but was starting to think how she could brand her business as a hairstylist, into more than just standing behind a salon chair.  In between those moments, she would find herself married and given birth to her third son. When the marriage didn’t last though, she tried to save it, she found herself homeless again and now with three children. Something had to break! Something had to give!

Proverbs 8:21“That I may cause those who love me to inherit wealth, that I may fill their treasures.”

Armed with a determination on how to brand her hair business and in between working in a hair salon, Shalita would spend her hard earned money on classes that would improve her mindset for becoming a business owner. Here is a woman that was very adamant about learning the ins and outs of branding and strategically used that knowledge to educate herself in the business. “I didn’t just want to be that person who only did hair but to have a brand of what I did stand behind it.”  Continuing to trust that God would provide the resources, she noticed a vacancy for a suite during her lunch hour away from the salon where she worked. It was around this time that she was having problems with the salon owner and it seemed like the right time to inquire about the space. Keep in mind, she had already owned a small salon back in Pine Bluff so the transition of ownership wasn’t that much out of her territory. Let’s just say that favor was definitely on her side because the owners of the property asked for little reference all of saying, “She just looked like a good candidate to rent the space!”  What was even more rewarding was that the suite, which was located in the historic district of North Little Rock, was well equipped with upscale amenities and was a considerably large space for her new hair business…not to mention that the rent would be exactly what she was paying for her rental booth at the salon.

What is inspiring about Shalita Heard is that she doesn’t mind sharing the wealth of education she has learned along the way. With no formal college degree, she began to pour her all into teaching herself about search engines and other factors that would improve the visibility of her business. “For six-months straight, ” I literally stayed up until 3 AM daily researching and studying marketing techniques that I knew I needed in order to succeed!”

A business is not a business without a clear concept of what it stands for and part of Shalita’s purpose is to educate those who wish to follow in her footsteps. She absorbed everything her mentors taught her about marketing and she can proudly say she has built a six-figure income for her thriving hair extension empire. Nothing comes easy and literally nothing comes free, but through old fashioned hard work anything is attainable. Through her success as a business owner, Shalita is now pouring into others by providing classes on entrepreneurship by being the Founder of the International Hair Extension Association, a resource for beauty professionals to change the dynamic of what they are doing in business. To find out more about the association and How to Build a Six-Figure Hair Extension Business visit her company site: Shalita is teaching how one can learn to take minimal means and turn it into multiple resources with branding and access to turn a job into a business.

“The best investment we can make is to invest in ourselves!” – Shalita Heard

Innovative entrepreneurs are definitely the fabric of Beautifully Said. We highlight entrepreneur, Shalita Heard for having the drive to succeed against life’s odds and having the heart to give back to others. Her story reminds us that there is room for everyone and when one hand reaches the top, use the other hand to pull someone us up!

Iconique Hair

Personal Stylist/Educator/Owner · North Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock’s premier Hair Extension Specialty Studio that services the hair extension and hair restoration/ replacement needs of women and men of central Arkansas and the surrounding regions of Little Rock.



Savvy Hair Customer Starts Own Business

Written by: Ayana Jones

aysa richardson

Asya Richardson often wears hair from her Indian Princess line. — ABDUL SULAYMAN/TRIBUNE PHOTO CHIEF

While African-American women are the dominating consumers of the multi-billion dollar hair extension industry, it’s a rarity to find them on the business side.

Asya Richardson opted to tap into the thriving industry by launching Indian Princess Hair — a line of imported hair extensions.

Indian Princess features hair imported directly from the temples of India. The company features two product lines — the Red Carpet line, an unprocessed virgin Indian hair that comes in wavy and curly textures; and the Ready to Wear line of Burmese virgin hair, which is a blend of Indian and Chinese hair. The Ready to Wear line features three textures: exotic silk straight, exotic waterfall wave and exotic safari curl.

An obsession with hair and fashion led Richardson to start searching for a hair of premium quality. She frequently had to purchase and replace her hair extensions because the quality was lacking.

“After a few weeks, they would start to mat up, get dry and look dull,” says Richardson, 32, who studied broadcast communications at Temple University.

“I was just so obsessed with my hair that I kept going back and spending money over and over again to buy new hair.”

Those experiences were a factor in leading Richardson to start her own business.

When she was a former radio ad salesperson, Richardson interacted with key personnel in the hair care industry. Those relationships would later prove instrumental in helping her break into the hair extension business.

Back in 2008, Richardson invested $1,600 into her first shipment of hair, and started out by selling to her friends and family members.

Over time she started getting calls from women in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Washington, D.C. By 2009, demand for the product grew and she needed to launch a website to take orders.

She wasn’t daunted by the prospect of having to compete with beauty supply stores and other retailers who sold hair weaves.

“My specific niche that I’ve carried out in the industry is that the quality of hair I found is not found at the beauty supply stores. I have something totally different from what they are selling,” Richardson asserts.

Richardson’s hair goes for upwards of $280 a pack for a 20-inch track and most styles require at least two tracks. While this seems like a pricey investment, Richardson says the product — which is taken off for styling and washing — can be worn for more than a year. With that in mind, Richardson says clients won’t have to purchase hair as often.

She encourages other African-American women to consider entering the hair care industry.

“This is something that I would like to see more of us get into. We always express ourselves through hair,” says Richardson. “There are so many different aspects of the hair care industry. There are so many different angles that you can get into in this hair business and flourish.”

Now Richardson is reaching out to area salons to encourage them to purchase hair products for their clients.

The product has caught the interest of Aisha Murphy, co-owner of the Philadelphia-based Ebauche Envogue Hair Salon. Murphy plans to start carrying Indian Princess Hair at the salon by the end of October.

After recently trying the weave for the first time, Murphy said she was impressed with the quality of the product. Murphy said she tests products prior to offering them to her clientele.

“I’ve very satisfied. I’ve been using and installing weaves for a long time, and I’ve never seen anything like it,” Murphy said.


Take Asya’s advice and start a hair extension business today. Quality hair with a warranty, website and marketing tools all provided, LOW investment. For more information click HERE